Friday, April 4, 2008

Blog #22 Keeping up!

I am subscribed to some feeds, and I will read them, yes I will. And I will move more and eat less. (oh wait, that is for another meeting!) They will be a lot more interesting than my email. I am just interested in dating .....fill int the blanks, or working from home, or ordering healthy pet food. But I will try to keep up with what I have been working on, and I sure hope I do. I am trying to get pod casts on our website, and will, we are adding new features, and will create some good library accounts at Flickr, maybe FaceBook or MySpace and try to see what our patrons want and need.

It has been such an interesting experience to go along and try out the new tools. I really want to thank everyone who made this possible and lots of kudos to the SELCO staff for all the time and energy. Statewide, it was a great event.

Now do I get my treat?

Thing #21 Beyond MySpace

Howdy! I have been reading and visiting on-line communities. I don't belong to any groups, but I will search out and join a poetry or publishing group. Then I can chat and read about writing, reading and publishing poetry. I know there are some great library groups that it would be fun to be a part of. I joined Ning and will check back once a week. Or I will try to check back. I left some comments, uploaded a few pictures and watched the video posted by Aurora. I really like the Librarian's MANIFESTO! Art is art, but I would have enjoyed it more with different pictures, they didn't seem to match the idea for me. Just a comment!

I also like Web Junction. I like how it has continued to grow and evolve, and especially now there is a Minnesota Web Junction. I like feeling that the content is timely, correct and posted by library oriented people.

Truth be know, I don't feel isolated or alone or feel the need to reach out to join groups in my spare time. I get plenty of people contact and interaction at work. Really, the last thing I want is to interact online. Grouchy old BlueCat. Answering a few emails is about all the energy I have left at night. I am one of the "introverts" who recharge by being alone.

tee hee
23 things has been great! I love the comments, the idea that so many people are doing it and all the excitement it is generating.

If any of your read ASSOCIATES, my last column was about "23 things on a stick". A pretty good article if I say so myself.


Thing #20 FaceBook

I have a FaceBook page and have had for some time. I think I will create a library one as student seem to love it so much. All the college pages we have check it constantly and they got me to join. The amusing thing is I have found several people and several have found me. I have done six degrees of separation and a few other ones. I am not much of a group joiner, but I do look around. I think it is amusing that kids get "busted" for posting party sites or pictures of them boozing. SO, it is also a lesson in caution. But if you really want to know what kids are thinking or what to do or are interested in (for ordering for your library) I recommend reading profiles and comments.
You can read my profile too!
Search for Carol Borzyskowski and PLEASE BE MY FRIEND!!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thing #19 Podcasts

Now this is the thing I really wanted to learn how to do, and it took me FOREVER to get it just up and running. But I am very excited. I haven't done any editing yet, but I did a mini pocast for all of you to listen to! I can't wait to get some on our website!
Blue Cat

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thing #18 YouTube

I first discovered YouTube when Linda and I were looking for "Peeps" videos, and wacky library videos. Then I showed my grandaughter Apryl Miley Cyrus's new video. Then of course I added some music to my FaceBook page and it came from YouTube.

I went to You Tube and did a search for Blue Cats

and was rewarded with quite a few. So now I will see if the embedding worked this time.

Linda and I have talked about making a video. We could do a tour of the library, either serious or straight and then upload it to YouTube, then insert the code in the webpage, yeah, I bet that would work!

I think YouTube is fun and social. I don't care if people access it fromt he library or not, but they should be wearing headphone. As long as they are coming into the building and using the facilites, I really don't mind what they visit on the Internet, as long as they don't bother people around the. They are only allowed an hour a day anyway, so if they want to spend it watching YouTube sillies, playing a Piarate game, or loading up their research paper on the RPC, I say, LET THEM!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Thing #17--ELM

Good heavens but things have come a long way since INFOTRACK was on CD-ROM. Because I am not up in the reference department I rarely go into ELM or even think about it. So, I went through every single one of the assignments and challenges and tried them all. I set up accounts everywhere and do hope to go back and use them. I love finding information, so this THING was great fun for me.
To be able to save your serces, edit them and make comments is wonderful and will be very useful in writing papers and researching. I plan to take advantage of this before writing my next column.
As for the library, I searched out POETRY SLAMS because we are going to have one, and sent the articles to other staff who are helping out. So, it saves them time too. This is a great library resource and is important to add credibility to LIBRARY (or as you said--ask a Librarina) instead of Ask Yahoo. Point the patrons towards a reliable answer from respected sources. What a "novel" idea.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thing 16--Student 2.0

I really thing this is a cool tool, and useful. We have student pages who work here, and it is getting close to the end of the year now, and they are all talking about assignments and moaning. I showed one the RPC and she was delighted and asked for the link. I plan to add the link to our webpage for students to use.

The instructions in the guide were brilliant. They explained the basics so completely (about writing a paper) that they should be required reading for everyone entering college. KNOW what your instructor is asking for, and learn how to give it to them. I wish I would have had a tool like this.

I think it would work for other library projects too. For instance we have a Poetry Slam coming up and I tried plugging that in. The ideas weren't geared for what I needed, but some of it was still useful.

I know this is a simple thing, but I just want to comment on the fact that LINKS make it all so easy. You can get so easily from HOW to write to paper, to creating your thesis, and more. Great tool!